Week 2 “Roxy Louw Pink October”: Half way there…

I am feeling great, way better than I did last week. No more cravings for dates and fruit. 
No more headaches and a way better mood!!! haha
I spent the first week playing around and figuring out recipes to substitute for my regular meals and week two has been much easier.

 I have taken in more calories than I would usually do with the added smoothies, gluten free seed bread and almonds.

MY STATS: My weight is the same. I have lost 'cm' though which is interesting.
I went surfing on the weekend and my board knocked me terribly in my face. 
Where I usually bruise very badly, I have come out pretty good. It has healed so quickly!!!
I guess its all the vitamin K that I have been consuming...
I was also on the road for the last week but managed to still substitute pretty well.

HERE IS TO THE 2nd Faze!!! Excited to see how this turns out with added hot yoga thrown in the Mix.

Recipes on my Instagram, ENJOY! click here for recipes: https://instagram.com/greenleafvitality


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